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Adla brings the in-store shopping experience to college girl's dorms.

We're a new distribution channel that gets your clothing in the hands of thousands of college-girls all over the country.

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About Adla
What is Adla?

Adla is a clothing try-on service for college girls. Every week, we deliver a bag of clothing to girls directly at their college dorm, they get a few days to try on the items with their friends, and then we pick up whatever they don't want to keep from their dorm. You can visit our consumer website at

We handle everything.

We handle all fulfillment, last-mile logistics and item selection, so all you have to do is ship us whatever items we've requested for that month, and we'll handle everything from there.

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Merchant inventory sold per month on average

Your sales are our responsibility.

Unlike selling through social media ads or Amazon, we are responsible for all sales, meaning there are no fluctuating fees or marketing spend. Each sale is guaranteed to be profitable, and our only incentive is to sell the highest amount of your inventory as possible each month.

We know what college girls want to wear. 

Adla has a unique dataset about the style of each user and the wider trends at each college. We collect data from our users and have in-house fashion buyers that inform what clothes to request from brands.

Selling through Adla:
1. You send us a list of available inventory

You provide us with a list of available inventory that we can order from. Based on the data we have our users and wider trends at a a college, we'll pick styles we predict will sell in Adla bags that month. This process allows us to sell the maximum amount of inventory each month, so last month's styles don't end up sitting around unsold.

2. You ship us the items

Once we receive your inventory, we immediately distribute it amongst our Adla fulfilment centers to be sold in Adla bags that month. On average, 60% of merchant inventory we hold gets sold each month.

3. We ship you back styles that don't sell quickly, and order more of what is hot.

Fashion moves quickly. Every couple weeks, we'll send back whatever styles didn't sell fast, and request more items that are hot sellers. Adla is constantly collecting data to optimize what items of clothing we request each month.

How it works
Contact Us
Contact Us

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